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Piping Specialty Comparison of Chinese and English

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管道特殊件 Piping Specialty

1.7.1 管道特殊件(组件)

粗滤器 strainer
过滤器 filter
临时粗滤器(锥型) temporary strainer (cone type)
y 型粗滤器 y-type strainer
T型粗滤器 T-type strainer
永久过滤器 permanent filter
丝网粗滤器 gauze strainer
洗眼器及淋浴器 eye washer and shower
视镜 sight glass
阻火器 flame arrester
喷嘴;喷头 spray nozzle
取样冷却器 sample cooler
消声器 silencer
膨胀节 expansion joint
波纹膨胀节 bellow expansion joint
单波 single bellow
双波 double bellow
多波 multiple bellow
压力平衡式膨胀节 pressure balanced expansion
带铰链膨胀节 hinged expansion joint
轴向位移型膨胀节 axial movement type expansion joint
自均衡膨胀节(外加强环)self-equalizing expansion joint
带接杆膨胀节 tied expansion joint
万向型膨胀节 universal type expansion joint
球形补偿器 ball type expansion joint
填函式补偿器 slip type (packed type) expansion joint
单向滑动填料函补偿器 single actionpacked slip joint

1.7.2 管道特殊元件Piping Special Element

软管接头 hose connection (HC)
快速接头 quick coupling
金属软管 metal hose
橡胶管 rubber hose
挠性管 flexible tube
鞍形补强板 reinforcing saddles
补强板 reinforcement pad
特殊法兰 special flange
漏斗 funnel
排液环 drip ring
排液漏斗 drain funnel
插板 blank
垫环 spacer
8字盲板 spectacle blind; figure 8 blind
限流孔板 restriction orifice
爆破片 rupture disk
法兰盖贴面 protective disc
费托立克接头 victaulic coupling

1.8 端部连接 End Connection

法兰端 flanged end
坡口端 beveled end (BE)
对焊端 butt welded end
平端 plain end (PE)
承插焊端 socket welding end
螺纹端 threaded end (TE)
承口 bell end
焊接端 welding end
法兰连接(接头) flanged joint
对焊连接(接头) butt welded joint
螺纹连接,管螺纹连接 threaded joint, pipe threaded joint
锥管螺纹密封焊连接 seal-welded taper pipe threaded joint
承插焊连接(接头) socket welded joint
承插连接(接头) bell and spigot joint
环垫接头 ring joint (RJ)
万向接头 universal joint
软钎焊连接(接头) soldered joint
搭接接头,松套连接 lapped joint
外侧厚度切斜角 bevel for outside thickncss
内侧厚度切斜角 bevel for inside thickness
内外侧厚度切斜角 bevel for combined thickness
法兰式的 flanged (FLGD)
对焊的 butt welded (BW)
螺纹的 threaded (THD)
承插焊的 socket welded (SW)
小端为平的 small end plain (SEP)
大端为平的 large end plain (LEP)
两端平 both ends plain (BEP)
小端带螺纹 small end thread (SET)
大端带螺纹 large end thread (LET)
两端带螺纹 both end thread (BET)
一端带螺纹 one end thread (OET)
支管连接 branch connection
焊接支管 branch pipe welded directly to the run pipe
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